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Ideas Big Enough

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Progress minded activists need ideas big enough to significantly improve people’s lives, big enough to inspire new voters to come to the polls, big enough to summon forth a new generation of leaders, and big enough to change the way we all do business.

The essay, “A Half Built Connected Economy”, presents a framework of policy ideas big enough to tackle extreme income and wealth inequality.

  • It begins with a fresh look at the data that tells the story of our era. Most of us have not kept up with the progress of our prosperous economy.

  • It explains extreme inequality through the transformation of the economy into an ecosystem of dominant firms and the vulnerable industries they rely on.

  • It concludes, arguing that we can build on the strengths of the connected economy to ensure everyone a middle-class standard and end racial economic exclusion.

This essay endeavors to weave together new thinking in organizing, communications and economics.

Policy Framework
No one policy by itself is enough to tackle extreme inequality. Too much of the current debate pits policies against each other. We need a framework of policies that strategically act together. This essay suggests a framework of policy reform for wage, income, asset and jobs.

Economic Narrative
Economic policy debate is presented in an arcane antiseptic academic language. It suggests that economics is a science akin to physics. It is not. Economics is the story of people relying on each other to make a living. This essay attempts to infuse into our economic policy discussion a moral language that reflects our lives.

New Economic Thinkers
Over the last generation, important new thinkers have begun to reimagine economics. This essay draws on new thinking on how economic eras unfold (Carlota Perez), how markets depend on government (Mariana Mazzucato), how progress is shaped by inclusion (Manuel Pastor), how inequality is generated by industry structure (Eileen Appelbaum), and how racism is embedded in the economy (Darrick Hamilton).

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A Half Built Connected Economy: Promoting Shared Prosperity and Enduring Progress Across the Bay Area and California

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