Half Built Connected Economy


Fitting Big Ideas Together


We propose a framework of policies not another agenda. An agenda suggests a list we can pick and choose from or list in order of prioirites. A framework suggests each policy addresses a different set of related needs.

everyone to middle class.png

The framework concept

No single big idea is by itself enough to significantly improve people’s lives and inspire lasting change. And each big idea, to be frank, has its own drawbacks. Thus, we suggest a framework that fits related big ideas together.

The framework is designed based on the strengths of the existing structure in order to address it shortcomings. Our remarkable prosperity, suggests the framework is economically viable. Our extreme inequality makes it politically needed.

This framework focuses on wage, income, assets and jobs. We could imagine creating frameworks related to other issues from education to healthcare to housing.

one’s shortcoming is the next’s strength

The framework proposed here is constructed to ensure that the shortcoming of one policy is the strength of the next policy.

  • Prosperous industry and region wage standards will ensure businesses value their workers, yet it will not ensure a living wage in prosperous regions.

  • An Everyone to Middle-Class Tax Credit will ensure everyone reaches a decent standard of living, yet it will not ensure they will have enough to take risks or absorb setbacks.

  • A Social Inheritance will ensure everyone a solid foundation of assets, yet it will not ensure everyone shares in our future economic progress.

  • Prosperity Shares will ensure everyone moves forward with the economy, yet it will not ensure everyone enjoys the dignity of work.

  • Public Benefit Work will ensure everyone can find work, yet it will not ensure that they will be valued by their employer.

For our economy to continue to move forward, the middle class will have to become a chapter in our history. There will be no ‘middle class’ between those who struggle and the richest of the rich when we all prosper.